Success Stories
Stop Stressing About Work When Your Not At Work
By Annonymus

·        Create a calendar plan- One day, I caught a glimpse of an executive’s calendar and noticed he blocked off time for himself to leave the office. At first, I thought it was sad. I couldn’t fathom having to set aside time not to be at work. Fast forward a few years, and now I get it. Sometimes you get caught up in what you’re working on and simply forget to leave. 

·        Write down the first thing you have to do the next morning-This might sound silly, but think about what freaks you out the most when you walk away from your desk. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people say that they just had too much to do before they could seriously leave for the night.

·        Try taking off your work email from your smart phone- How would you feel when you’re on a holiday and then you got an urgent email you have to go work on? Even though it sounds hard to do you need to focus on yourself as well as work.


I don’t think anyone will ever truly master the art of leaving work at work. There will always be reasons to check in with a teammate or peek at your email on a Saturday afternoon. But if you truly want to think about work less during your downtime, there is hope for you.