Success Stories
How to succeed in a high pressure job?
By Gayathri Ramachandran

How to succeed in a high pressure job?

A new job can create some level of anxiety in you. But feeling nervous and being prepared are not opposing concepts; both are possible at the same time. In your new job, you will have to work on completely new things and you might even be reporting to several people at the same time, where it will make the job pressurizing, but with the right strategies, you’ll master your new job. 

Get clarity.

When you get into a new job role, find out what are the resources available for you. Setting clear expectations up front is crucial for success, no matter what your situation is.  Usually, even if you have two supervisors, you have one real boss. Gain clarity on this relationship by asking the right questions as soon as you start. Any issues with your supervisors will be cleared when you get more clarity on how they want you to work and perform. So make sure you ask questions to clear up your doubts.

Set expectations.

Benchmarking your performance will bring you success. Set expectations, set targets. People tend to think that targets can create pressure, but targets will gradually make you complete your tasks which will make your job less pressurized.  Understand your supervisor’s priorities. After gaining an understanding of whom you’re (mostly) working for, set up a kick-off meeting to define overall requirements.

Communicate regularly.

Set up regular meetings with your team to see where you stand. Having a meeting with your team and your supervisor can help you find out the blockers and relevant solutions for it. Communication is key when it comes to maintain healthy relationship with your work mates. A new job sometimes means a new set of faces at work, but can also mean new relationships with your co-workers. When you get new responsibilities in your new role, you’ll want to start building on those relationships.