Success Stories
How To Dress Appropriately For Work
By Annonymas

01).Make sure you’re clothes fit. If you’re clothes are too big or too small it definitely will not look good on you and will not give a professional look. Always make sure you’re clothes are well ironed and neat.

02).For the ladies, never leave your house with messy or wet hair. That gives people the idea that you don’t have your life together as well as you’re career in your work place. It’s quite simple just like we don’t like seeing anything messy

03).Never wear strong perfume. Always use a fragrance which has a simple and decent smell. 

04).Always make sure whenever you go to work or for an interview, that you wear well-polished shoes. Nichole Williams a career expert on LinkedIn says the first thing interviewers notice is the shoes. Men- always keep your shoes shinning! 

05).Dear Ladies- You’re jewelry shouldn’t make noise. People tend to get distracted sometimes to hear the noise of someone’s dangly bangles. It will not look professional enough when you’re at a meeting with a client and whenever you raise your hand for your jewelry to make noise. 

06).Facial hair shouldn’t over whelm you’re face. Always keep your beard trimmed in shape and tidy. It will definitely not look good on you when you’re beard or you’re mustache is in a mess. 

07).Keep finger and toe nails in cut and polished style. Because they give out you’re cleanliness. Dear ladies- Don’t always apply dark bright colors to work. Get a light and calm color going with your nails 

There you go, a few simple tips to give you a well professional look at your work place.  The more professional you are even in the way you look, the more you can rise up in your career as well. Need a consulting done on your career? We at JobEnvoy are more than happy to help you.