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Mercantile Shipping Group

Mercantile Shipping Group, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a sophisticated group of companies that has achieved tremendous success over 28 years of being in business.

We are leaders in the international trade, transportation logistic, and freight distribution industry with key operations involving shipping, inland shipping container haulage, logistics, customer house clearing, international freight forwarding, container depot operations, export & import trading, and entreport business & cross trading.  

Our multiplex operations comprise large-scale capital purchases in container terminal and warehouse; as well as, multimillion Lakh equipment and machinery which are fully geared to manage significant numbers of cargo containers at any given time. 

We employ a team of technically qualified, experienced, and dedicated people working around the clock to maintain superior standards.  We meet any challenge to successfully satisfy and exceed the specificneeds of our customers' with proper strategies and plans, with the able guidance of a seasoned and experienced team of senior personnel.  


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