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Dealing With Workplace Rivalries
Like it or not, competition is everywhere. We find it when we call “shotgun” to score the front seat in the car ride to the movies, to making sure you get that last slice of pizza when out for dinner with friends. As a job-seeker, this competition comes through when you work to secure a job interview with your dream company, standing out amongst countless others. It’s part of our daily lives.
5 Things to Check before Submitting a Cover Letter.
You spent hours and days checking different cover letter templates and reading samples. The writing part was not easy, but you managed to deal with it. Now, you're left with only one thing to do: send the application. Is that really the case? Before you make that final step, it's important to double-check a few things to make sure your cover letter is perfect. Job hunters are often in a hurry to meet application deadlines. Sometimes there's more than enough time for applying, but they are simply negligent. After all that effort, the last thing you want is to send a flawed cover letter.
How to Manage the College-to-Corporate Transition
The transition from college to the workforce can be unsettling. When I first finished, I struggled for a while trying to figure out where to focus my effort and energy. While life will pull you in a million directions after graduation, here are some pillars to stay focused on during your journey.
The 3 Fastest Ways to Pick Up New Skills in Your Current Role
Whether you're looking to land a new gig, angling for that big promotion, or wanting to be better at your current job, there's no better way to rev up your resume than by adding new skills. From coding to communication, from SQL to spreadsheets, learning something new can give you a leg up on the competition.
Team Jobenvoy was pleasured to join in with the Colombo University in participating at the Career Fair organized by the faculty of management and finance 2017.
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