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How to fight ageism in your Job Search?
By Gayathri Ramachandran


How to fight ageism in your Job Search?

Are you rejected from interviews for your age?

Is your CV not shortlisted because you are older?

This will give you an insight on how to overcome ageism in your job search and interviews. You can still find your dream job at any age, it’s the right strategies that you need!

1.       Be prepared to talk about how much longer you hope to work.

When you walk in for an interview, try to tell them on how long you wish to work and why it is. The biggest advantage of being old is that your experience levels are higher than the younger generations. Use this advantage to show them on how you can manage the teams and add more knowledge to their business.


2.       Make sure you’re up to speed on technology.

It is vital that you are aware of what is currently happening in your industry. Keep yourself updated on the new trends, technologies and new methods that are used in your industry by reading documentaries, by googling up. This will show the interviewers that though you’re older, your still par in knowledge with the working force.


3.       Upgrade and update your resume.

There are many ways that you can make your CV for the recruiter realize and change his/her opinions about you. Make sure that your resume is in today’s trend. Add fonts which are more modern than the formal or usual ones. Make your resume more of an infographic, than a formal layout.


4.       Find the right organization.

Ageism or not, not every employer is going to be a good fit for you. Some company cultures trend younger—startups, for instance and you may not want to be significantly older than everyone else in the room. Additionally, some businesses may not be worth your time. Pay attention to the age of employees when you visit an organization for an interview. Look for a range of employee ages rather than a concentration of people in their twenties.


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