Success Stories
Nail Your Next Interview
By Annonymus

·       Groom yourself. Dress to kill but keep it professional. Shine your shoes, comb your hair, match your clothes and accessories. Ladies, a little make up goes a long way! And please do not show up with chipped nails – no one wants to hire a sloppy joe!

·       Answer all questions clearly and confidently. Elaborate your answers whenever possible but steer clear off rambling.

·       Always smile, it exudes confidence.

·       Always take a printed copy of your CV along with your certificates / documents. This shows them that you are prepared.

·       Upon entering the room, greet the available interviewers and shake their hands upon leaving.

·       No doubt you will be invited to sit down before your interview, ensure you push your chair back in upon leaving at the end, this shows them you are meticulous

Always remember that your interview is a negotiation between a buyer and seller of services, emphasize your worth without under selling yourself. For career consulting, the JobEnvoy family is here to help you. Contact us for amazing career opportunities.